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Back Issue: July 2009
Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown

Special 4 page PDF feature

A tribute to Michael Jackson: Aug 1958 - June 2009

Special 4 page PDF feature

By Lylian Fotobong

Ghana Readies itself for Obama’s Visit

Billboard erected near the Indepedence Avenue in Accra featuring Presidents Obama and John Mills of Ghana
Billboard near the Indepedence Avenue in Accra
President Barack Obama makes a historic visit to Ghana on July 10 and 12 2009. The epoch-making visit has already made international news headlines – especially because President Obama chose Ghana ahead of his father’s native homeland, Kenya.

President Obama’s visit to Ghana is his first to sub-Saharan Africa after becoming the first black President of the US. This comes just on the heels of his historic speech to Arab leaders in Egypt last June. Officials in Ghana who are optimistic the visit would leave in its trail a lot of investment opportunities are making frantic preparations for the most powerful president’s visit. According to the officials, publicity is in top gear and they are not leaving anything to chance. »More

2009 Local Election – What Next?

Cllr Rotimi Adebari of Portlaoise
Sole success: Cllr Rotimi Adebari of Portlaoise
Friday, June 5th, 2009 saw the closing of the Local, European and by elections. Some people had cast their ballots by post and the last date for voting was the 5th. African candidates came out in their numbers too, for the first time but only one of them managed to win. Mr. Rotimi Adebari who made history years back by being the first black Lord Mayor of Ireland, the highest ranking political position ever occupied by a black person in Ireland, was re-elected by the people of Portlaoise.

"I am highly delighted and appreciative of the fact that people still have confidence in me," Adebari said after his win. A lot of people had confidence in him and one observer was quoted in the Irish times saying " He had all the credentials of a local candidate, irrespective of where he came from." Another said: " There’s a huge amount to learn from how Rotimi does it.” »More

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