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Back issue: August 2009

Public called to help hunt Paiche's murderer

Photo of murder victim Paiche Oneymaechi
Paiche Onyemaechi
Thursday, July 23rd, 2009, marked five years since the gruesome discovery of the wrapped headless body of 25-years-old Malawian woman, Paiche Onyemaechi Unyolo. Still, the killer or killers have never been caught.

Family and friends of the deceased, and the Clonmel Gardai have joined in a renewed plea for the killer to come forward. This time, family and friends have appealed again to Africans, in particular, to disclose any information that they may have, no matter how small it may be.

Mrs Onyemaechi disappeared from her St Herblain Park’s home, Waterford City Centre, three weeks before her dismembered body was found wrapped in a plastic bag near a stream in Brenor Bridge, Piltown, Co. Kilkenny, in 2004. The body was discovered by a woman who was walking in the area. » More

Asylum seekers graduate from family planning project

Group photo from the Majira Project Graduation Ceremony in Dublin
Majira Project Graduation Ceremony in Dublin
About thirty asylum seekers and refugees, last month, received certificates on empowerment with focus on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights after a ten week course.

The course took place in Limerick and Dublin and was undertaken by the Irish Family Planning Association (IFPA) and with contributions from the National Network of African and Migrant Women living in Ireland, AkiDwA.

The course, titled, Majira, a Swahili word meaning, ‘Family Planning,’ or ‘Seasons’ (as pregnancy in Africa is commonly planned by seasons), seeks to improve the sexual and reproductive health of asylum seekers and refugees and to also give them the tools to discuss issues such as STIs, HIV/AIDS, sexual health, female circumcision, otherwise known as Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), domestic violence, safe-sex negotiation and women’s health services. » More

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