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Back issue: September 2009

Gabon's government becomes a Dynasty

Deceased Bongo’s Son Becomes New President Amidst Protests

Gabon’s new President, Ali Ben Bongo, son of the deceased president
Gabon’s new President, Ali Ben Bongo,
son of deceased president, Omar Bongo,
Libreville, August, 2009

The capital city of Gabon, Libreville, came to a standstill when deceased ex-president’s son and former Defence Minister of Gabon, Ali Ondimba Bongo of the Gabonese Democratic Party, was elected President of the onetime French colony amidst huge protests. Nothing prepared the government security forces, however, for what was to follow- vast unrest.

Scenes of anarchy tore and rummaged the streets, from the industrial city of Port Gentil, and gradually disseminated into the heavily guarded capital, Libreville, where it is said to have witnessed less hostility. But at least two people have been reported dead and several others seriously wounded and left fighting for their lives in an onslaught between protesters and security forces.

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Muhammad Ali floats into Ennis to meet Irish roots

Muhammad Ali surrounded by fans and well wishers

Boxing legend Mr. Muhammad Ali has finally touched his roots to Ennis, County Clare, Ireland, to pay homage to his Irishgreat- grandfather, Abe Grady, last week The American pugilist, the greatest sports man of the 20th century, floated to the Shannon Airport en-route the Irish town of Ennis in company of his wife Lonnie, where he was given a first Honorary Freeman of Ennis.

At the town’s main square where the reception took place, thousands who gathered defied the huge traffic to catch a glimpse of the greatest sportsman of our generation. At the reception, he was awarded a scroll entitled “Heart of Oak,” and unveiled a granite plaque that was taken to the Turnpike where it was affixed to a specially commissioned sculpture in honour of Ali’s visit. The sculpture depicts two gloved hands holding the world aloft. » More

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