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Back issue: November 2009

"Change in Behaviour Needed To Tackle HIV/AIDs" says Zuma

South African president Jacob Zuma
South African president Jacob Zuma

These are some of the chilling statistics that demonstrate the devastating impact that HIV and AIDS is having on our nation. Not even the youngest are spared. Some studies suggest that 57% of the deaths of children under the age of five during 2007 were as a result of HIV.

This situation is aggravated by the high tuberculosis prevalence.

The co-infection rate between HIV and TB has now reached a staggering 73%. Statistics indicate that the numbers of citizens with TB number at 481,584. These statistics do not, however, fully reveal the human toll of the disease. It is necessary to go into the hospitals, clinics and hospices of our country to see the effects of HIV and AIDS on those who should be in the prime of their lives. » More

Mary Immaculate College hosts visiting lecturers from Zambia

Visiting lecturers at official launch of the Zambia-Ireland Teacher Education Partnership (ZITEP)
Visiting lecturers with college staff.

As part of the Zambia-Ireland Teacher Education Partnership Official Launching earlier this week, the Minister for Lifelong Learning, SeŠn Haughey, and Minister of State for Overseas Development, Peter Power, launched the Zambia-Ireland Teacher Education Partnership (ZITEP).

This is an initiative aimed at improving the quality of teacher education in Zambia and funded jointly by Irish Aid and the Department of Education and Science. » More

Kidnap Victim Sharon Finally Home

Ms Commins at Khartoum airport with Sudanís minister for humanitarian affairs, Abdel-Baqi al-Jailani
Ms Commins at Khartoum airport

When Sharon Commins returned to Ireland last month after over 100 days being held hostage in Sudan, there were scenes of relief and joy. The GOAL worker, who was held by members of a nomadic tribe along with Ugandan colleague Hilda Kawuki, was abducted from a compound in northern Darfur in July.

The kidnapping of Commins and Kawuki was the longest-running foreign hostage situation ever to occur in Darfur, and was the first time that a GOAL worker had been abducted and held hostage since the foundation of the Irish charity in 1977. » More

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