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4-17 February 2010

Africa elects new leader

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AU chairman vows to strenghthen foundations for socio-economic growth

At its annual AU summit in Ethiopia, 53 presidents of African countries elected the president Bingu wa Mutharika of Malawi, to lead the Union for the next one year This is coming at the heels of Libya’s leader Muammar Gaddafi’s failed bid to stay on as president of the African Union for another year. According to feelers from the summit, Col Gaddafi was said to be very reluctant to stand down, causing considerable resentment.

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Nigerians hold protest march in Dublin

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On 27th January 2010, Nigerians gathered at the heart of Dublin, along O`Connell street to protest against the current political situation in Nigeria. Notwithstanding the beehive of activities at the city centre, coupled with the bustling and hustling daily life in the city, these brave Nigerians stood with their placards, drawing the attention of the curious crowd who briskly wasted few minutes around the protesters to take few snapshots or find out the motives of their protest.

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